Fashion Friday | Confessions of a Style Blogger - My Masquerade DIY Mask

So my company's holiday party (which was last week) was a Masquerade theme event and since I was pressed for time on that day I did NOT have anytime to purchase a mask. 
Being the STYLE/FASHION Blogger that I am I did what most of us do... I made/created my very own mask by my gat'damn self, Lol and BELIEVE me when I say that "I was the HIT on the holiday event"

All I did was take my kitten ears headband I brought from H&M (A few years ago) and wrapped my black veil (taken from m beanie veil) around my head and covering my eyes (tying it at the back), put on a HOTT red lip.... and BANG! check out my Masquerade look.

Oh... I forgot to tell you guys that it was an ALL Black event.... so you know my red lip x all black x masquerade veil STOLE the show.

Can't. Tell. Me. Nothing 

P.S- PERFECT lighting.... NO Filter, Lol 

L O C A T I O N | Harlem 

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