Fashion Friday | Repeat Offender | Plaid Print Outfit Inspiration

Oops I did it AGAIN

Yes that's right, I am a REPEAT OFFENDER... I am guilty of wearing the same shirts 2x (or maybe MORE).  Now this is a very unusual outfit because I took (2) of my favorite items (a plaid shirt) and turned them into a outfit... YES that's right my skirt is actually a button up skirt... A men's shirt at that in XL that I brought from JC. Penny.  
I threw this on... put on another plaid sheer shirt matched it with my "Bad Girl" heels from Shop Red Kiss my leather baseball cap & some make up & POW.. Check out my outfit now. 

P.S. I saw Beyonce in something similar (Here) & (Here) and decided to put a twist to my outfit.

 Repeat Offender (here) & (here) maybe MORE Lol 

Outfit Details
Hat- Afaze
Sheer Shirt- MANGO
Plaid shirt/ made into a skirt- JC Penny
Metallic Flash Tattoos- Pay/Half & Fashionable Fits 
"Bad Girl" heels- Shop Red Kiss

L O C A T I O N | Teaneck, NJ

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