Confessions of a Shoe Wh*re | Tammy's DIY Shoe Shelves

So over the weekend I had a handy project to put together... this is something that I've been meaning to do for a LONG time and that is finally put up a few shelves for my shoes.

I finally made my way to IKEA to buy the shelves because my shoes needed a better place to lay instead of being on the floor so I bought these shelves from IKEA ($7 each), I bought (6) of them which clearly wasn't enough for ALL of my shoes.  These task/ JOB took me about 1 1/2 to put up but once they were done the end results came out FLAWLESS..

Please NOTE.... this is NOT my bedroom, this is my shoe area (YES Shoe Area) that I keep ALL or most of my shoes. The shapes mirrors on the wall have been there for a while (YEARS) and they are a GREAT added addition for any room (got them also from IKEA in a pack for super cheap.... like $6 a pack).
Check out the END work below.....

This isn't even the finished product... I still have (2) more walls that need some shoe attention/ shelves. This is just the first wall that is finished. Hopefully I can make it back to IKEA to get some more shelves for the rest of my babies who need that special treatment...
When this is all said & done PLEASE BELIEVE that I will do another post.


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