Monday's Blues | Velet Nails

So if you follow me on my Facebook page or Twitter you would know that I like trying new things when it comes to my nails and this is one of the things that I had a blast with.

I purchased this velvet nails set at Afaze for about $8 and it included the nail polish and the velvet in a can which you can sprinkle on your nails or use a blush (also included) to add it on.  I was so in love with my nails ( yes I picked the blue color) but it didn't last long... kinda like Essie Nail polish  because once you wash your hands it's a WRAP.  Overall still cute to look at.

Monday's Blues

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Unknown said...

Very cute...sorry to hear that it didn't last though. Perfect for a night out

Wots Her Name Again? said...

I wondered how that polish would look after hands were washed.

they look nice though