DIY Turban Night Hosted by IFB & Fashion Fights Cancer

So me & my FAB NYC Fashion Bloggers took our talents to Chelsea Piers (Pier 59) where we participated & tried our BEST with sewing and doing it UP while making our very own Turbans.
 DIY Turban night hosted by IFB & Fashion Fights Cancer was a GREAT event where "US" FAB bloggers created our very own turbans using ALL kinds of fabric, buttons & accessories... PLEASE don't try to look for mine.. to me, it was a HOTT mess but everyone loved it so I donated.  

Of course when the event was all said & done, turbans looking ca-ute & all you know we had to take a few flicks... Check out some of my FAB bloggers below. 
 Me & Blogger Kinna (Closet Jane)
 Me & Blogger Chante (The Closet Freaks)
Me & Blogger Emijaa (Emijaa Jaaemil)

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Check out more pictures (HERE), (HERE) & (HERE)

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