NEW Shade Alert | These Burgundy Lips

These Burgundy Lips

So I think this just may be "Oxblood" lips as well as calling it Burgundy but either way this is a shade that I MUST TRY this fall.  This is so SEXXY and so ME that it is just screaming "TRY ME"
I saw a few samples at the MAC counter and that good ol' Sephora. We shall see how this goes/ how this looks on me.

What shade are you in love with this season?

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Bootzey said...

That shade IZ hot! But on white or fair skinned people. On Black people it will just looks 70's ish. I didn't even like the RiRi MAC lipstick because of that. Like the Flori Roberts my mother has been wearing forever. If that's Flori Roberts.....