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So you guys know that I have a "Passion for Fashion" so this would be at no surprise that I do whatever I can to find the newest/ hottest trends, stalk celebs (lol), and even have my chance to interview some up and coming designers and now image and wardrobe consulting companies. 

Check out my Q&A below of NYC based Image and wardrobe consulting company S+B Mode on what's new and hot with this thing that we call FASHION.

Tell me about yourself/company?
Shante: Beverly and I have been friends since college! We have so many things in common but yet we’re so different. One of the things we share a love for is fashion and we love every aspect of the industry. This year I approached Beverly about starting S+B MODE and as a collaborative effort we were able to put together a great concept and business plan for our wardrobe consulting company.
Beverly: S+B MODE is a wardrobe consulting company and we’re based in NYC.  Shante and I have constructed a company that fits the needs of every woman and man offering the most unique services such as wardrobe facelifts and personal shopping tours. 

How did you get into this field?
Beverly: While in college, I interned at many fashion houses doing Public Relations. This gave me a clear idea of what I really wanted to do when I graduated and that was styling. After I graduated,
I started testing with models and photographers and started building my book!  

Shante: As a student in college, I did a lot of freelance styling. John Moore, celebrity stylist, was a mentor to me for some time. From then on, I knew I wanted to style the people that walked the streets of New York City.
What is your favorite thing about your job? 
Shante: There are so many highlights about this job. The best part is being able to shop the boutiques and getting a personal tour of your client’s closet. It’s always interesting to go through a client’s closet and view what’s cool from they’re perspective.

 Who are some celeb clients (If any) that you have worked with? 
We worked with Victoria Secret model Barbara Fiahlo - love her! :)

Who is one person on your list that you would love to work with and why?
Beverly: There’s so many! But our absolute favorite is Zoe Saldana. She is so effortlessly chic, such a classic. She has such a raw edge about her that I think can be pushed and translated so amazingly.  
Shante: I’d like to work with Kelly Rowland. She’s such a beautiful woman and I feel like she has so much potential style wise. I’d like to see her push the envelope a bit more.

What is your fashion Inspiration?  
We get inspired by everything. Blogs and magazines play a major role. However, we really get inspired by people, art, culture and music. These are the creative elements that really keep us going.

As far as fashion what do you think is this season hottest trend right now? 
This season’s hottest trends right now are punk meets sportswear and nouveau chic. Leather is a major trend this season as well as electric color coats. Winter white never runs out of style and don't forget your fur in dark hues. But always include your personal style in everything you wear. Originality is everything. 

To learn more about S+B Mode visit:

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