Diary of a Blogger | Long Hair, Don't Care

I did this Trend Alert | Long hair, don't care post a while ago (Click here) & (Here) featuring my girl Chrissy from Love & Hip Hop NY and if you know me well you know that I am a female who loves her weaves.

I am inspired on these different hair tutorial blogs and you tube sites that have some of the baddest weaves ever and I am one to try each and every weave that will make me happy. I am usually the Chinese bang  type of female but now I see myself switching up my hair styles to some styles such as: a U-part weave, part down the middle (Kim Kardashian looks), swoop weave and a good ol' pony tail (pictured above).

Be sure to check back because I see a good pony tail coming soon just like this one and please believe that it will be at least 20' -30'  inches.. or even longer.

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Unknown said...

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