Diary of a Blogger | 20 Facts About Me

Welcome NEW followers. I thought this would be a great time to share a few things about me... Enjoy!

1. I've been blogging for (3) years now
2. I've been in the Education field for over (7) years
3. I have a Dual Masters in Education
4. I am the Organizer for NYC Fashion Bloggers Meet-Up Group
5. I write for (2) magazines/ free-lance writer
6. I am in LOVE with Tattoos
7. I wear the color black almost everyday
8. I own over 300+ pairs of shoes
9. I was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy in 2011
10. My favorite Movie is "School Daze"
11. I'd rather have a Blackberry instead of an Iphone (I miss my blackberry)
12. I LOVE Ikea
13. I am NOW addicted to baking cakes, brownies, etc
14. I don't own a pair of sneakers
15. I've been featured on numerous magazines, blogs and even Fashion Week TV
16. I eat Ice everyday
17. My real name is Tamanika (Ta-ma-nika)
18. My favorite TV show is Living Single & A Different World
19. I got to NY Fashion Week almost every year/ season
20.  I am a Social Network Queen... (I have (3) twitter accounts, (3) FB Accounts, Instagram, Tumblr, Lookbook.nu, Pintrest, Trendabl, etc

What are some things about YOU?
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Dre said...

Girlllll. I love me some School Daze, too. G Phi G! And I still have a crush on Giancarlo Esposito to this day. I was looking for him in the daytime with a flashlight when I found out he was filming a tv show in my city last year lol.

Enjoyed reading your list!