Confessions of a Shoe Wh*re | The Perfect GOLD Pump

Ok so I am on a hunt this season. I am on the hunt for everything but ONE thing on my mind is a cute pair of GOLD pumps. It's funny how we never know we want or need  something until we see someone with it, wearing it, in the store, etc but in this case singer Rita Ora (pictured above) took this FIERCE picture with her gold pair of Louboutin's and I knew that I HAD to have them. Well maybe not a pair of Christian Louboutin's because they are NOT in my budget right now BUT any cute pair will do.

So this is my call for "HELP", Lol I need some  places to get these pumps. I know some of my FAB bloggers would know where the hottest shoes are but this little scavenger hunt might be a little hard since I am looking for a nice GOLD color.  

This is my FALL trend "Must- have"... These pumps. What's yours?

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