DIY Neon Shoe | Outfit of the Day

DIY Neon Shoes
  •  You need: A cloth, q-tips, nail polishes including white, Pour La Victoire sandals, Nail polish remover and a thin paintbrush, a painter's tape, a hair dryer and time!
  • Using your painter's tape, tape off all areas of your shoe that you don't wish to paint. Begin with your white paint, and as a primer of sorts, cover all areas that are to be painted with a coat or two of white. Let you primer dry over night.
  • Begin painting on your bright neon colors. Use your lightest color first. You can easily paint over any mess ups with your darker color. Let your first coats on all areas dry overnight. Once completely dry, cover each area with a second coat and let dry.
  • After all coats of paint are dry, go through with your fine angled paintbrush and using nail polish remover, tidy up any mess-ups. Enjoy your new shoes!
  • You have finished the job and can make an outfit to the shoes! I selected to have pastel colored clothes, because I want the shoes to be the most important part of the outfit.

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