Splurge vs. Steal (Shoedazzle x Christian Louboutin)

Splurge vs. Steal 
(Shoedazzle x Christian Louboutin)
So I am JUST NOW getting into these shoe clubs. I am just looking for the RIGHT one for me.. I mean the one that has the hottest shoes and would NOT break my pocket every month. I have been investigating and stressing over joining ShoeMint, which I featured a couple of months ago (click here) and I found a lot of interesting things about this club (some good.. some bad) so we shall see how this goes.

Next up is Shoedazzle, which was my first choice but I just couldn't get with it because some of the shoes were Not. My. Style BUT this....... is all me... See these are cute, sleek, sexxy... all of the above and of course is is waaaaaay cheaper (because we ALL know that a pair of Louboutin's can cost us some $$$$) but you can't go wrong with these.

What are your thoughts ladies?? would  you "Splurge or Steal" when it comes to a hott pair of shoes? What are your thoughts on these new shoe clubs? Are you a member of any.... If so which ones.... Spill. The. Tea?

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