Diary of a Blogger: Weave Chronicles

Diary of a Blogger: 
Weave Chronicles
My NEW thing for the New Year... 2013 is getting the right weave for me. See I am into my "hair did" and all and have thrown out the idea of going natural because I can't see to live without my weave. I know I can't be the only one in this situation.  

While having "girl talk" with my girlfriends a few weeks we talked about various thing from dating, jobs, shoes and of course WEAVE. While talking about getting the right weave (brands, length) etc, I noticed I've had been weaving weave since I was in middle school (started with box braids, don't judge me). I mean I don't have a problem with my own hair, I just don't like that it is so thin so adding extra weave for the length and fullness why not be a weave addict with it?

I watch so many different You Tube channels and hair tutorials on getting the best weave, styling and the best products to use etc that you can say that I am more into my hair then my shoes.... Crazy right?

When it comes to picking the best brand and even length I make sure that I am not over doing with spending so much money but have the right brand for me as well as something that does not shed. Ladies, we all know about that weave that sheds everywhere as soon as we put a comb or brush to it. I see myself buying the Remy's, Malaysian's (hair) etc as well as longer weave by the minute having no care at all just knowing that I look good. I guess I have a new hobby and that is collecting weave, Lol

Ladies... What hair brand do you use/ recommend? I'm not afraid to try something new... Tell me about your Weave Chronicles



Style4Curves said...

I like Peruvian hair. My hair is Bsl healthy and thick I just prefer weave because it's low maintenance and I don't put heat on my hair. Pretty much all of these fly by night weave companies are all ordering their hair from AliExpress then marking it up 300 percent.

Wots Her Name Again? said...

I've been wanting to invest in better quality hair but I'm worried that there is no guarantee about the quality

Dre said...

YESSS! I feel you, Tammy. I'm trying to step my weave game up too. Especially since I'm trying to protect and save what's underneath. All I know is virgin brazilian curly hair. I need to learn how to tell what's quality though, particularly when ordering online. Like Style4Curves said, everybody and their moms are getting hair from AliExpress and making bank! I'll be checking back for suggestions from other readers too =)

Kara. said...

I love weave. After I take these box braids out I'm getting me a mean sew in! As well trying virgin, non-beauty supply store hair for the first time. I'm a little leery though about finding an online shop or person that sell quality hair.

Tammy said...

Thanks ladies... loving the ideas and recommendations