Diary of a Blogger: I Have NOTHING To Wear!


At this moment RIGHT now I am feeling like Carrie in "Sex and the City" where she is forever in her closet looking for something to wear or even Cher Horowitz in "Clueless" where she just stood in her closet to find the right outfit... Well that's how I feel right now wile trying to find the RIGHT outfit for my Birthday.. Birthday weekend, etc

I've looked in my closet (at outfits that still have tags on them) in some of my favorite stores, designers, etc and I CAN'T FIND ANYTHING. So my last chance to find an outfit is by searching my favorite sites: designer Geebin Flores.

Take a look below and tell me which ONE or TWO should be the magical outfit for my Birthday
These (4) JUST may be a little to much for me BUT I am loving the Purple (1st) dress

The (3rd) dress is all me... I want this one BUT in another color (check below)
Either way I WANT both.

What do you think? Which dress do you like?

Don't forget to visit "Geebin Flores"

My Birthday Countdown.... 3 MORE days
A Fendi Bag x Femmes With Benefits Brunch at Parlor... February 10th


Dre said...

These dresses are hot! I like the purple one, the red one, and the one you picked at the bottom! They're all cute, but that purple one has my name on it. Would be even better in pink!

KLC said...

okay....you WILL find something in your closet. but **** cough, cough*** i will not judge. ahem...yeah, soooooo, if Geebin are your options, I do agree with you, for your curves I like Purple and #3 (in your choice of color). Just enough skin where your bod and shoe game WILL do the rest ;)

KLC said...

OH! and Number 4 (row 2) is HOT!! i REALLY LOVE HER

Style4Curves said...

the 4th one on the 2nd row is my favorite!

Tammy said...

@Miss Drea... Thank you... I think they do have pink

@Kinna- You. know. me. well... Yes I do have a few things in my closet (ignores tags still on them)... But we shall see what i get/do

@style4curves- ahhhhggg everyone is saying #4... now I gotta see what I can do... Thanks again