Blogger Spotlight: Walk the Talk Fashion Event

Blogger Spotlight
Walk the Talk Fashion Event
A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend a FAB event by Blogger and Fashionista's  Tweety Elitou "Young, Hip & Chic" and Rebecca Pollard "Can you Heel Me?" called “Walk the Talk”.  This event brings many Fashionista’s out to Philly to network by meeting some great people, eat, drink, shop and win some FAB prizes. I go EVERY year and each year this event gets better.

Check out below a few pictures of this event, which took place in December as well as be on the lookout for another FAB “Walk the Talk” event  from Tweety and…………. ME, yes that’s right, the next “Walk the Talk” event will be in New York and “A Fendi Bag & A Bad Attitude” will be co-host In June… Can’t wait! 
 Tweety & Blogger Rachel "Mode Haven"
 Rebecca Pollard & bloggers
 Fashion Spotted
The Guest
Dirty rice martini & pasty divas
 Cake Divas
 Shoes by "Sincerely Shoes"

Paparazzi caught ME shopping at the event 

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