Red Pumps... Red Lips

Red Pumps... Red Lips
 "These two items are the ultimate weapon ladies... 
 Every female should have a shade of Red"~Tammy
As a Fashion Blogger I get asked the same question on a daily basis... "What are two things you can't live without?". I use to say my Vogue Magazine and a pair of black pumps BUT now that I am coming into color you can't tell em NOTHING about the color Red

See I am an "All Black Everything" gal (as you can tell from some of my Street-style post) but now I am in love with the color red or anything in the red family.  Two things I can't live without right now is a pair or red patent leather pumps (I got mine from Call it Spring) and also a great shade of red lipstick ( I am NOW a fan of Nars Cosmetics. These two combinations together could get deadly but a female will look fierce none the less in this color.


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Style4Curves said...

Yes red pumps and a red lip is a MUST!