Diary of a Blogger: What type of lady are You?

Diary of a Blogger:
What Type of Lady are You?
Anyone that knows me and have been to my house can see that I do NOT own a pair of sneakers. I mean I am a shoe lady; I'm like the Carrie Bradshaw of shoes.... I OWN A LOT ... but now that I think about it owning a pair of sneakers couldn't hurt anyone.

Just last week when I was doing my weekly "SatHERday" shopping (buying shoes as usual) I can across these sneakers that were really cute. I thought to myself and wondered why I don’t own a pair of sneakers because they are so comfortable. So I tried on these sneakers and to my surprise they fit me so well and they also looked cute on me. 

Yesterday (Sunday) I did some running around and I kept it cute with my outfit but I decided to step out on these sneakers and boy oh boy did I feel so relaxed and didn’t even think about my heels once.

I post this question because if you are a lady like me then you are a lady on the go so having a pair of flat shoes are always in your bag because you know them heels have expired, Lol.. All females know about expired heels. I have a few heels at home right now that are (2, 4 and even 6 hour heel) and after that hour has expired it’s to the flats I go.

Now that I FINALLY realized that it’s not all about my heels (can’t say that too loud) I am really digging some comfortable shoes, sneakers, etc. I brought a new pair of sneakers and a of Steve Madden wedge sneakers last week so you can sort of say that I am changing…. BUT I will always and still have love for ALL of my heels. 

So… What type of lady are you?


Dre said...

Girl you know I'm a true Gemini lady. Two sides! I love my heels but I love my sneakers too. I was a sneaker head long before I learned to walk in heels lol. Nothing wrong with having some of both =]

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

LOL I just love shoes! There is nothing wrong with wearing sneakers for fashion purposes. And different shoes are appropriate for different occasions. Say a day running errands. Sneakers and flats are perfect. Brunch with the girls: I'd rock the wedges. Date night or a special evening? Stilettos. All of them serve a purpose...or at least that's the way I see it. = )


Wots Her Name Again? said...

I'm kind of hard to define in terms of footwear, it depends on my mood and the look I'm going for. However it's not very often that I wear sneakers or trainers as we call them in the UK but when I do I make sure they look box fresh! Nothing worse than dirty kicks!

The Fashion Diva said...

AI love shoes and it's one piece of accessory in my wardrobe that is key for a well put together polished look. Oh and did I mention I love Fendi as always. There's an outlet an hour from me and I make sure to visit them on major holiday for additional mark down (oh and the shoes. lol)

I keep a variety of sneakers too (especially colorful one for workout ~~love my pumas)!


LA Lynn's said...

I love my heels but I have a few Jordan's too... Lol!