Trend Forecast: "OXBLOOD" by Kimberly Luxe

Say hello to Fall's Hottest New Color, Oxblood! A deep maroon hue that has been stealing the spotlight at almost every designer's Fall 2012 Runway show! Alexander Wang exhibited tons of drama with his Oxblood hued coats and Kenneth Cole went for a more tailored, classic, and sophisticated approach to his collection. But the color frenzy didn't stop there! Beauty crews in charge of transforming the models so that they fit the tone of the ever so loud fashion stories made sure to stain the lips of the model's with colors by Nars, Chanel, Dior, and MAC. Unlike the bright color blocking trend of Spring 2012, Fall is definitely embracing a more single-toned palette. But don't fret -- color blocking won't get you attacked by a strange and random man with scissors, in fact, for those of you who can't get enough of the color blockage you can still color block with fall tones and with different fabrics.
1 PUMP IT, LOUDER If you have a fear of incorporating a new trend or a new color into your wardrobe, incorporating it in the form of a shoe is always a simple way to get it in. This Fall, you'll have no problem finding a pair of heels or loafers in Oxblood as it is the new black. Being able to exemplify small doses of trendiness is a sophisticated way to maintain your iconic look while still keeping it up to date. Although this color is timeless, be sure to only splurge if you plan on continuously wearing the color for years to come and to save if you think that you'll be over it in the upcoming months. For future reference, know that this hue can definitely be pulled off in the Spring and Summer months to come when worn with all khaki and all white. My favorite shoe designer has always been Yves Saint Laurent and they definitely always win me over when they bring the YSL Tribtoo in patent navys, purples, and reds.
2 MIX & MATCH MATERIALS, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY This Fall, mixing materials will be a huge trend. It'll be your alternative to typical color blocking and will give you a more fun and playful way to switch up and warm up your style. When walking through Nordstrom, I can't help but to smile when seeing all of the mixed madness going on. It takes me to a mental place where girls like Pippy Long Stockings, Matilda, and Annie ruled my life. There was just something so warm about their worn and patched up wardrobes that I was always so fascinated by. If rocking Oxblood is a bit much -- rock it subtly by finding pieces with mixed fabrics. Alexander Wang's effortless ability to weave in metallic into Lacquered Oxford fabric surely screams holiday and brings on the joyful holiday spirit!
3 SHEER PANTIES Who said you can't be trendy even when no one is looking? Oxblood is a lingerie staple, it's red has just enough sexy and it's darkness has just enough dominance. Show him who's boss in these affordable Top Shop knickers.
4 KEEP IT SIMPLE, SEXY The ankle strap still reigns as Queen this season and it's important that you snag a pair if you haven't already! This beautiful pair by Alexander Wang is haute because it has a classic feel with it's mule styled front, yet has simple ankle straps that exhibit just enough sexy.
5 TEXTURIZE, IT NEVER GOES OUT OF STYLE Well, in the name of fashion, it doesn't. Texture can give anything a luxury appeal. Whether it be snake skin textured or simply lined and creased, any bit of texture can definitely spruce up an otherwise simple look. When trying to add glam to your look always think about how you can integrate some type of textured piece to whatever it is you're wearing. Think fur, glitter, or even detailed leather like Rib & Hull's infamous Heirloom Tote that's circulating like crazy on Pinterest!
6 SHEER UNDER-WEAR Looking for that peek-a-boo element of style like the one Kenneth Cole's Fall 2012 Collection exemplified? Try rocking an Oxblood colored bra (like the one available at Top Shop) underneath a black sheer top. It'll give that sexy element of surprise that is different and fun.
7 FUNCTIONALITY WILL ALWAYS GIVE YOU MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK How do you get more bang for your buck?! Purchase items that have multi-functionality. This skirt by Alexander McQueen for example has many zippers that allows for you to go purseless or to minimize your clutch. Less usage of your hands equals more usage of your hands. If you're ready to mingle and dance the night away, invest in pieces that have endless functionality that can be used to hold your things and that allow you to switch up your look from day to day. Perhaps one day you'll wear the zippers closed and another day you'll wear them open. Give yourself the freedom to customize it, and have it, your way. Bada-ba-ba-ba, I'm loving it.

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