A Night with EMPIRE GIRLS: Julissa & Adrienne


Let’s talk about reality shows, FASHION, girl talk... THE TEA ladies as we (A Fendi Bag & A Bad Attitude & Sojo from “Femmes with Benefits” had a chance to meet up with the "Empire Girls" themselves on Friday at Bishops& Barons to talk about EVERYTHING!  Check out below our “Girl Talk” on with Adrienne Bailon ( Cheetah Girl, Actress, Singer &songwriter) and Julissa Bermudez (Steve Madden Spokes Person, Actress, BET Correspondent, etc).

Well ladies, first and foremost, I want to say "Thank You" for the interview. We were actually very excited; I was just telling Tammy that it's very rare that you get two young ladies with ethnic backgrounds being portrayed on TV in a positive light. So we're really looking forward to the premiere.~Sojo 

At some point there's got to be a change. You know what I mean? I think what's dope about it is that there is a little something for everybody. Even if you want to tune into that. Amazing.~Adrienne 

How did you two become friends? Did you know each other before the industry or within the industry? Let's go!    

Well we met almost 10 yrs ago and it was thru the industry because we would get invited to the same events, we would always cross paths. But when we really became best friends is when we did a movie together for MTV called "All You've Got" where she [Adrienne] starred opposite Ciara. ~Julissa

And that's where we connected. We were able to laugh at ourselves. We have very similar sense of humor. We bonded on the set of that. We like moved all her wardrobe into my trailer. Hanging out laughing~Adrienne

 I played her cousin in the movie. It was like a cameo. And it was really the best cameo because I got a friend out of it [for life?]!~Julissa     

First of all, let me just ask you about your shoes because they are  siiick (Adrienne had on Givenchy & Julissa had on Burberry). I'm a fellow shoe whore! I write for MissMean Shoe, the Examiner, and for my site & we (my readers) would like to know all about your "Shoe Obsession".
This one's the worst (points at Julissa). THIS one loses sleep on the Internet, [buying] shoes!~ Adrienne 

How many shoes do you [both] think you own? Let's get some numbers dropping on that.
Well, let's be clear. I go around the country and I host all the Steve Madden in-store appearances, so my Steve Madden count alone is minimum SEVENTY. Easy. Just his stuff. ~Julissa

I don't have as many as her. So I'm going to stick with. Hmm...It's actually really hard for me to find shoes. For people that don't know, I actually where a size 4.  Christian Louboutin it fits, but a lot of my shoes aren't gon' fit. But hey, I gotta make it do what it do! But I have a really small foot so it's hard for me to find shoes. I think I have about 70 pairs of shoes~ Adrienne:

So what defines your style?

I would definitely say mine is a little more classic with a trendy, Bohemian twist. I like to add some classic pieces and then, again, throw in a trend. A trend that fits for my personal style because not all trends are going to be great trends but- I would definitely say to sum it all up it would be "Classic with a trendy, bohemian twist!"~Julissa

I'm so LES with the way I dress, in the sense that, yo! I'm a straight up cha cha queen. I like to pile on jewelry. You know, there is a sense of gaudiness to my look and I like that. I'm Latina, I am, very feminine but at the same time I'm from LES so sometimes I will have on a beanie with a dress with a leather jacket on and you just never know. It's very unexpected but that's very the "Lower East Side" in me~Adrienne

That's one of the perks of being from NY though! You just say "Hey, I'm from New York. You don't get it but I do!"

Exactly! People be like "Damn, that's so tacky" and I'm like "What? I'm a cha cha queen!"~Adrienne

Whoever doesn't get the New York sense of style or essence that you can really bring to your wardrobe, I think is going to pick up a few things from watching our show because you are getting a chance to see New York City through the eyes of two New Yorkers. She's from Lower East Side ~Julissa

If somebody asks what I look like today, I'll be like "Oh, I'm Spanish Harlem. Somebody's drug dealer’s wife today". And that's my inspiration.  I be like, "Oh, today I'ma be a drug dealer's wife". But it definitely is something, something funny, but it's a look~Adrienne

Ok, so I have to ask. You ladies have definitely allowed your fans to basically have a lot of access into your lives. Including you (Julissa) I remember you were engaged at one point and (Adrienne) of course, your cameo on "the show" with a certain "you know who', my question is this, "What is it exactly that you learned from being in front of the cameras that you might not want for your reality TV show? And will you allow your fans to get into your personal lives again?

I mean, even before I even started this process, I've given my fans and the people who followed me up until this point, doses of my personal life. Obviously when I was engaged, it was to somebody who was also in the spotlight. That, you'll get to see on the show as well. I won't give too much away, but I definitely touch on that. And, I think the biggest part about it all is that, the personal part of my life that I would like to display is the part where people can relate so that they see that "celebrities" are just like them. And um, we have our things that we have to tackle and our issues and our ups and our downs, especially in this business, you'll see that on the show for sure! ~Julissa

Some of the things that I've learned was um, not worrying what people think. You know and I think that for me, that was a good deal. I've done a lot of work where I felt like, you know like even on, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, it wasn't my show. It was you know, 5 minutes here, 5 minutes there. Now this is a show where I have to open up and I think that can be really scary because you're going to be judged. And at the end of the day, I'm comfortable with who I am, and I know that I'm so normal  and like, so regular, that it hopefully will be something that girls can relate to and see but at the same time it was difficult. And I think people also see my struggle with love~Adrienne  

**I had a FAB time with the ladies...Take a sneak peek below at  this clip where Julissa shows us her unique way on how she prepares for her night out on the town and don't forget to catch Empire Girls tonight on STYLE @ 9pm**


Anonymous said...

Great interview! thanks for sharing with us.

Fashion Pad said...

Fab interview boo. So proud of you...and a bit jeals, LOL. I hope their show is positive. So tired of the ratchetness!

Dre said...

Great interview, Tammy and Soraya! You girls did a great job. Doing big things I see, Tammy! I love it. Keep up the good work, hunni!!!!!

Tammy said...

Thanks ladies... There is more to come and I am excited...

@Fashion Pad- I am with you... all of that needs to stop