PRINCE Magazine dishes royally with A Fendi Bag and a Bad Attitude

Tell me about “Prince Magazine” What is Prince Magazine?
PRINCE magazine is the new online magazine geared towards the stylish, young, professional, metropolitan man. The magazine which is set to launch this Sat, April 28th 2012 will feature diversity, styling advice and relationship advice, editorials, trends, lifestyle photo shoots, and more for the guy who wants to “live like a rebel, dress like a prince”. PRINCE Magazine was created in the Fall 2011.  Magazine Founders and Titles:  Matthew Grimsley (Editor-in-Chief, Creative Director) Bryant Littrean (Co-founder, Publishing Director) and Tyler Hill (Co-Founder, Managing Editor).

What is your primary focus of Prince Magazine?
 Prince’s focus is on the undeserved young urban gentleman. We want to bring his underrated style to the forefront of fashion.

Who are your targeted readers?
Our target readers are young men ages 18-24 who are students or young professionals. They are inspired by fashion & music and want to be a “Fresh Prince.”

What do you wish to express to your readers?
We want to encourage young men to confidently chase their dreams and to not be afraid of success. We hope our readers find a sense of pride in changing the world for a better tomorrow by igniting change through personal style. The fashion industry for many years has portrayed an image of beauty that is almost unrealistic. A Prince is a young, ambitious man from a multicultural background.  Every fresh Prince should feel royal and in style, regardless of his physical height, body-type or ethnicity. – Matthew

The message that resonates through our first issue—which we hope you will enjoy—that no matter who you are or where you come from you can do anything you want and be successful; just look good doing it! - Tyler

Explain the importance of your magazine having a fully developed online presence.
We wanted to take a modern approach towards publishing; having a fully developed online presence is the smartest and most economical decision we can make. Having an online presence means virtually anyone with access to the Internet can browse our magazine. Since the entire magazine is built following the concept of responsive web design that also means our users have a pleasant experience accessing Prince magazine on their mobile devices such as iPhones, and tablets like iPads and nooks. If a guy is in need of a quick tip for an upcoming date, we want him to be able to jump straight on from his cell phone while shopping as he's making an educated decision about his next purchase. -Bryant

What are your top priorities when deciding what should go in your magazine?
“My top priority when deciding what should go into the magazine is the quality of the content. The copy, photography, styling and magazine layout has to sync with the Prince aesthetic & our mission. The young men we feature have the X-Factor that makes a Prince reign supreme in their respected profession. Whether it's fashion, music, modeling or sports...they all are confident and charming young men, doing something positive to get ahead!” –Matthew

“As far as the writing goes, we try to keep it young and fun. We want our readers to enjoy reading the content but also educate them in fashion. We often give historical references to fashion and trends. Another important thing that we do is to show our readers how to style and wear things by giving answers to why this color or pattern goes with that color or pattern, etc. When it comes to fashion, we try to mix high-end fashion with more affordable fashion. We know that our readers enjoy fashion and like to buy nice things, but not everything a guy wears has to empty his wallet. One or two nice items are perfectly fine and are easy to pull off. It kind of goes with our saying, “It's not what you wear but how you wear it.” We try to make sure everything we put in the magazine speaks to our reader and is something they would enjoy seeing, reading, or wearing. We all make it priority to make sure editorials, design, and content is cohesive with each other and with our vision.” - Tyler

“We carefully make sure to stay true to the roots of Prince and enjoy being creative as you will see in one of our amazing upcoming editorials. As publishing director I make sure the design and overall experience of the magazine is cohesive with the high quality content we provide. This means the layout must fit with the context of the department column, trend report, practical advice, editorial, and any of the other pages we feature. The "top priority" is essentially the entire experience of the magazine—you have to feel it from start to finish and formulate what's "top" to you. We're looking to be a true source of reference to our subscribers and we have an extremely diverse following. We make rigorous cuts and go through a multi step editing process to make sure all divisions of the magazine are happy.” - Bryant

 I know Prince Magazine is all about men’s fashion, etc for the Prince but what do you have for the ladies... I know we will see some “eye candy”, etc?
A Prince is a charming, magnetic and confident young man. The ladies that work with us behind the scenes are always gushing at the male models on set for photoshoots. There is plenty of eye candy for the ladies, including ‘Prince Justin McManus’ from Sean John spring ads and ‘Prince Zachariah Picotte’ from Re:Quest Models. In addition, we will also introduce our first Princess in an editorial called “Love at War

What is your goal for Prince Magazine?
Our goal is to continue to bring the best high & low fashion to the young metropolitan man. In addition, we hope to successfully brand our cover models as the ideal Prince man. The days of supermodels have surrendered to celebrities. We plan to resurrect the term supermodel again and redefine it. We admire how Victoria’s Secret is able to brand their “Angels” into supermodels and celebrities. We want to create a similar platform for the ideal “Prince”.

How Is Prince Magazine different from other Men’s magazine out there? What makes Prince Magazine different than other online magazines?
That’s a good question. Prince magazine is different because it is ahead of print publishing and will revolutionize online publishing in 3 major ways:
• It is the first online publication to serve our unique and underrepresented target reader in men’s fashion.
• It will introduce an innovative & interactive web design concept, in which our readers are redefined as users…putting the focus on them.
• We are the first online men’s magazine to feature “responsive web design”, making us conveniently mobile. is designed to adapt to all mobile, tablet and desktop devices. – Matthew

Where to begin!? Prince has a myriad of differences from other Men's magazines out there, from the unconventional and diverse start up to the individual passions of the ‘Princes’ in our magazine. Every model has an amazing story, and our Princes are all passionate about their dreams and it shows in their work. To be more specific, we're targeting an audience who plays a major role in fashion yet has a quiet voice. Our motto "live like a rebel, dress like a prince" says it well! We want to bring the voice of the young metropolitan man to the forefront of fashion.

In terms of differences in publishing execution, our website is going to revolutionize the way people think about online magazines. Every page receives its own art direction and design to accompany the content just like traditional print. This increases the interest for a reader and we have the luxury to make each page different from its neighbors. Our images are large, beautiful, and we want them to be seen! People often prefer print to screen for these very reasons. Prince magazine has many of the features people love about printed magazines, and we're doing it on screen. We're also not using Adobe Flash for our spread because we've taken into consideration how Flash based websites are less successful in comparison to raw HTML and CSS in sense of search engine optimization. We want every single person that helps contribute to our magazine to be discovered via search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing through us.

We're not following a template system. We're paving our own way, "we're living like rebels" but doing it as Princes. Our path is revolutionary and with that comes risks, but it's these kinds of educated risks that create great things. So stay tuned because we have a lot more coming this year and many more reasons why we're different than other Men's magazines. – Bryant
Since you are a men’s magazine and it’s all about fashion what’s your favorite place to shop and why?
“My favorite place to shop is online, because the options are endless. Man is one of my latest obsessions! I also love vintage shopping. You can find amazing, standout pieces at a reasonable price.” – Matthew

“Of course nothing beats vintage shopping but there are places I shop because the clothing fits me—I'm little guy—and because they are trendy and super affordable. I like Levis because they are a great classic. They have tons of pant styles and colors, not mention affordable. They also fit nicely which is sometimes difficult to find in pants, or at least for me. I love some J.Crew too, I prep it up sometimes. I also like TopMan because it's trendy. You find some great pieces in there, especially accessories. Uni Qlo and American Apparel because they have great basics: tees, sweaters, jackets, undies, etc. if I were taller and had the pockets for it, I would shop for and buy my favorite fashion labels such as Michael Bastian, Gant, Timo Weiland and brands like that. I just like their aesthetic and style. I look forward to seeing each of their season collections.” - Tyler

“I haven't gone shopping in a while but my favorite places are Uniqlo, Levis, and American Apparel. Those are places I like to shop because I can get in and get out; I know exactly what I'm getting without spending too much time. But then there's places I'd like to shop. Truth is I'm a hardcore student so I do my best to use my expenses for tuition and art supplies. Ask me, this same question a year or two years from now and I'm sure my answer will be different.” - Bryant

And last but not least…. what would you like to say to my "Fendi Bag" readers?
We want all of you to keep up with Prince Magazine and become a part of our royal family. Subscribe and enjoy our issues at   Like us on facebook: and tweet us @Prince_Magazine... And of course, to all of the Fendi Bag readers, “Live like a Rebel, dress like a Prince....or Princess!”


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