Designer Spotlight: Imperial clothing

Designer Spotlight:
Imperial Clothing
Take a look at a Brooklyn-based clothing company that is UP NEXT… 
Check out my interview with co-founder of Imperial Clothing Steven and be sure to learn more about Imperial clothing at:

Tell me a little about yourself. Where are you from?
Steven Thesier, born & raised in East Flatbush of Brooklyn.  

What are your inspirations and where do you get it from?
I would say there are multiple that tend to attract attention fashion wise. Entertainers like J. Cole, Pharrell, Chris Brown, Big Sean & Diggy Simmons come to mind in terms of what they wear, how they ensemble an outfit together and their overall look. I would say my love for clothing came from my upbringing.  Coming from a poor family, it hurt me to see my peers in the latest attire and I was stuck wearing what my parents could afford. Since my early teens when I was able to get little summer jobs here and there I started to develop my own fashion identity and purchase things to stand out in my own way.

How do your clothes (brand) differ from other designers?
I like to classify my brand as luxuriously urban. Which in many ways is considered an oxymoron given most people do not consider anything fancy or luxurious about urban wear. My line is a mesh between luxury/royalty with casual wear.

What do you think is your strengths and weaknesses in the art of fashion?
My strength is my willingness to get better at my craft. My hugest battle in my life was trying to find my “thing”. That one skill that you are good at and pursue endeavors with it. Nothing made me happier when one weekend I just opened Photoshop and threw some stuff together and saw the feedback I got from my peers.
I would say my weakness is my overall knowledge of fashion and the fashion industry. I majored in computer science in college so while I still loved fashion I wasn’t fully committed to it where I was attending FIT. But that is where my strength covers my weakness, with the determination I have to obtain success I can cover my lack of knowledge with research, networking and putting myself under the fire.

What matters to you most as a fashion designer?
I think to sum it all up in one word is impact. I want to change the culture that I see now. Based on how the youth or even people around my age wear, they have gotten lazy. Your outfit is supposed to represent who you are and your personality. What does it say when you walk around with mesh pants and Polo boots?? I don’t know whether you going to the gym or getting ready for a snowstorm. I hope the impact my line can potentially have will change that.

What are some of your fashion goals?
The three words my clothing line revolves around are integrity, influence, & impact. I want to bring integrity back to urban fashion. Just walking in my own neighborhood, I like to say I see clones; everybody is wearing the same exact thing. I hope my line changes that by bringing something different, I can boost individuality and creativity.

What advice do you have for aspiring fashion designers?
Be authentic. Stay true to yourself and your vision and what you want your line to portray.
Be optimistic. There is NO easy way in gaining success when you are trying to be an entrepreneur in any category. There are more days of darkness than sunlight, but as long as you remain focused and hungry any goal can be reached.
Be opportunistic. In these days of social media, not only is it easy to promote with apps like Instagram, Path & Tumblr, with the extremely popularity of Facebook, Twitter, etc. you can always stay up to date on fashion shows, festivals, social networking events, etc.
Be relentless. The only way to see any sort of success is to work at your craft as if it is life or death. This means a lot of sleepless nights, your laptop being your best friend, an almost unhealthy dedication to it and in the words of Kanye West, “…sunglasses and Advil…”.

Where can our readers find out more about you and your work?
Specialty items/models can email
Sample ideas
Online store

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