Fashion Friday's: Adrienne Bailon

Fashion Friday’s:
We can all agree that Adrienne our favorite Cheetah Girl & Rob Kardashian's ex has GREAT taste whenever it comes to fashion. I don’t know what projects she has in store right now BUT what I do know is that she is KILLIN’ the game on and off the red carpet as well as at a few events.  

Check out below some of my FAVORITE Adrienne outfits.

*Before I go & start my stylish weekend in these MEAN streets of New York, I would like to wish my FAV blogger & friend Jacqui over at "The Socialite Column" a "Happy Birthday". Her birthday is tomorrow (Saturday) but feel free to drop her a note and tell her that Tammy sent you 
"Happy Birthday Jacqui!"


Unknown said...

I love her!!!!! :)

Rach said...

she has amazing style!
Check out my newest blog post: Wall of Color

cc said...

I JUST ordered the patch color dress, its affordable and in PLUS size!!! *faints* You can find it by designer bauxilly. and Feel free to check out my blog! I just followed you.

Looms, Lids, and Layers said...

I did not know she had this much style! Cute stuff!

Unknown said...

those shoes are hot!!