DIY Glitter Platforms

DIY Glitter Platforms
This DIY has really inspired me because this is something that I can do. Check out the HOT DIY using an old pair of Jeffery Campbell platforms and some of our favorite added accessory… GLITTER

  • Platforms
  • Glitter (color of your choice)
  • Waterproof permanent glue
  • Spray sealer 
*Spotted (here)

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Sole Girl said...

love the diy piece...those are totally fab. i may have to try that over the holidays!!! ill post pics on facebook/twitter lol

Unknown said...

You are sharing this now after I went a similar pair already with the glitter on! hahahahahahahahaha. I know it is my fault for being a little behind!

Tammy said...

I sworry @Mad for Fashion

Ashley Evane said...

Love the looks
also your banner is so dope!
Who did it for you??

Unknown said...

before reading your post , I actually thought it was a pair of those miu miu glitter pumps ! but WAY TO GO girl! such a smart idea ;) x

Girls of StatementADF said...

Looks so easy if I had only this DIY. Keep them coming!

Ashley said...

I actually like this DIY fashion piece. It's not tacky or anything. I may try this when I get time & find a nice pair of heels :)