Fashion friday: What. Is. Style?

What is Style?
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Every season we see that fashion is changing. We see different styles from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s come back into style with everyone changing the way they wear things. 

A couple of months ago I read some of the comments on “The Fashion Bomb: Fashion Bombshell of the Day” and some of the comments (to me) were harsh because of the different looks the female had.  I noticed that WE are all different in our own way... if we are all the same we would be BORING so why bash someone because of their style?  We are all different, unique, edgy, nerdy, sexy, etc when it comes to style so why criticize when YOU can just as well have your own style.   

I asked some of my FAV people (bloggers, stylist, friends, and designers) what their definition of STYLE is and here is what they had to say:

“What is Style?”
Style is a representation of ones inner taste. A representation of character and class of lack thereof.  Style is not only what you choose to wear, but how you wear it and how it makes you feel when you have it on” ~February’sFinest

“My definition of style is ones outer expression of their character. Expressing yourself thru your clothes. You can have no money and have great style. True Style is what authentic to you”. ~Shayla Dean

Style to me is diversified and ever changing. Over the years everyone's style changes due to heavy influence. I know mine does”~Ashley

“Elegance and Sophistication! As Chanel once said:"fashion fades, only style remains the same"~Mad For Fashion
Style is self awareness, it's the visible representation of your personality~Terry McFly

“To me, style is your innate ability to embody anything you wear, from the color of your nail polish to shoes on your feet. Style commands attention without asking for it... you arrive at style without effort, it's a clear indication of your point of view displayed in your apperance, ur intelligence...your walk~Akiliah

Well in this day and age style is a lot different, I will say real style has longevity like old money, and can transcend times. Like so many times you hear words that reference style incorrectly. When people use fresh and fly they have the wrong definitions...fresh is temporary something that comes with the change in seasons, fly is something you live it’s who you are, it can last a lifetime, like old money~Rell

"Style is a window to your personality. It’s the only way people can see who you are without saying a single word.~Boo_ Yooou_Slore

“"Style", in my opinion, is all about a confident attitude. You have that "something extra" that makes people turn heads!”~Derek

Fashion fades style remains the same. It's a way you do something. Style is a reflection of who you are and that doesn't necessary change but it should evolve as you grow. Style is an outward expression of who you are on the inside”~Zee

To me style is one of the truest forms of expression. It’s a combination of everything that makes you. From the way you talk, walk, me it’s how we express our inner being outwardly... Stay fresh”~THIS RESPEK WEAR
"Style to me is defining yourself through a creative and artistic outlet. Your style is then carried on by your posture and is verified by your personality." ~Kim

“Style to me is like my alter ego but a force field that just breathes and sleeps creativity. I only will wear something I feel amazing in. Style isn’t just about buying expensive designers and throwing it on, it has to come together and sit well on your body shape and make u feel that wow factor". ~Gary

To me style is self expression through colors, fabrics, & shapes. A soul uses style to speak out, define, and express itself to the world. You can tell a lot about a person by observing their style”; ~Cacia

"Style is "me"... I am all over the place with my style & that's what makes me different. Style is daring, edgy, sexxy, just taking risks" ~Miss FendiBag


Ashley said...

Great post!! I love the responses that everyone gave!! You're so sweet :)

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Thank you & Thanks again for participating


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I agree with everyone!k

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Thank you so much Tammy! Great post and my favorite ever! Learned a lot from the others and congrats to then as well for doing such a fantastic job!

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i love this! i have a post similar to this one! :)

-Nina P

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Tammy this post is hot!!! I love everyone's responses, as well as meeting new bloggers. Hope your holiday was blessed.



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I love this! All of the responses were great and seeing fresh faces was even greater!

Go Tammy!

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AMEN EVERYONE!!! as Ms. LeBlanc always says she is "Anti Fashion. Pro style"

"WELL, TODAY..." HA! gotta love your boy!!

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Great post!!!! I agree with all the responses...

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This is an awesome compilation! You need to place to somewhere everyone can read it... Maybe send it Essence, Ebony, and Vibe Vixen! I think style is your own experiment to express your feelings, moods, and taste.