Jessica is a Shoe Wh*re

Jessica’s Shoe Obsession
Check out blogger Jessica Styles who lives in Cape Town, South Africa.  She is totally addicted to shoes and even has her own blog dedicated to shoes (Shoe Loving Jess)
1. Tell me about your shoes?

I just love shoes, high heels are my favorite but I do love boots too. Living in Cape Town means very wet winters so the boots do come in handy. At the moment I am also loving wedges and platform heels! Floral print heels are also really in fashion here at the moment so I am loving my floral print shoes.

2. How many shoes do you own?

I have no idea how many pairs of shoes I own, last time I counted it was around 85, it must be well over 100 now. You might think it’s excessive but shoes are the thing I spoil myself with. I have to keep my winter shoes in storage during summer and then swap them out when the seasons change because I just don't have the space for them in my closet.

3. What is the most expensive shoe that you purchased?

Living in South Africa is rather cheap and my expensive shoes are probably not your expensive shoes. The most expensive shoes I own are a pair of black over-the-knee boots that were around $80 if I convert them. I also have a pair of gorgeous heels that I bought in Istanbul for around $60. I love designer heels but being a student, I can't afford them quite yet. My first pair will be a pair of sexy Louboutins though. For the moment I love cheap shoes and being able to buy more as trends change.

4. What is your favorite shoe?

My favorite pair of shoes are a pair of cute floral heels that my mom bought me a few months ago while I was studying for final exams. I love them already but love them even more because they were a gift from her.

5. Who is your favorite shoe designer and why?

Mr. Louboutin without a doubt. I love the sexy red soles of his shoes and he was the inspiration for my shoe blog. He was the reason I fell in love with shoes. I just love the sexiness and elegance of his shoes and how he understands women. If only all men were like that ;-)

We can ALL agree that Jess has a HOTT shoe collection 

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Lovelyladyjb said...

Absolutely nothing wrong with a shoe collection/addiction! :)

Fashion Maids said...

I gotta try this, well at least when I am able to wear sandals again.