The Fashion Bomb Meets Miss Fendi Bag


The Fashion Bomb meets Miss Fendi Bag

Hey... Hey... Hey... Hey... look at what I found. Yours truly (Miss Fendi Bag) has been featured on “The Fashion Bomb Daily”... Claire from “The Fashion Bomb" put on a GREAT event last night at the “Get Pretty”Bar BK Last night… Post coming soon

 Check out the rest of the pictures (HERE)


Bravoe Runway said...

Tammy...I am a bad friend! I've not been making regular visits to your fabulous blog and now that I am seeing this are looking fabulous missy! You've lost weight! Looking good doll ;) I can totally see you in a faux fur leo jacket :D

♛ FWB said...

Done with life!!
Congrats on meeting someone who paved the way for ladies like us ;].

2 things:
1) We tagged everyone: "WHATS IN YOUR NIGHTSTAND?" -- details were posted on 10/10.
2) We're starting a GROUPME group. If you'd like to be a part of it just email us =].

Have a great day girl!!

Jax said...

Such cute outfits :)


Dazzled and Fabulous said...

Wow... Looked like an amazing event!!! I love your necklace...BTW.. There is a fabulous give away over on my blog, ending tomorrow!!! Check it out!
-Dazzled and Fabulous

Looms, lids, and Layers said...

I love the Fashion BOMB!!!! I am so jello! Fly me in when this stuff is going on!! LOL! Im glad you had a great time! Looks like fun!

Shayla Dean said...

This event looked nice, wish I was there! You and Claire look cute.