Go Renata.. It's Ya Birthday!


 Dedicated to my sister.. Happy Birthday:

"Whenever I'm down, I call on you my friend
A helping hand you lend, in my time of need so I , I'm calling you now, just to make it through  what else can I do, don't you hear my plea. Friends may come & friends may go
but you should know that/That I've got your back, it's automatic. So never hesitate to call
Cuz I'm your sister & always for ya &
I don't know what I'd ever do without you
From the beginning to the end . You've always been here by my side So I'll call you my best friend. Through the good times & the bad ones, Whether I lose or if I win. I know one thing that never changes and that's you as my best friend

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♛ FWB said...

Happy Birthday Renata!