I'm Where the Hood and HIGH Fashion Meet

Let’s get ready for Fashion Week Ladies…. 
BTW, check out her boots… I can’t wait til the Fall.. 
Y’all won’t be able to “Tell me NOTHING!”


Fashion Maids said...

Lol!@ ya'll cant tell me nothing, that's right Tammy. Are you still planning FNO get together?


Carrymel said...

You are so right about those boots! FIERCE! I want some high boots also. So much.

LA Lynn's said...

Awww... I miss you honey!!!! And, YESSS the boots are on point!!!

Tammy said...

@Bobbie- yes Ma'am.. emails go out next week

@Carrymel- get'em & then blog about your new purchase..lol

@Lynn- Miss you too


Stephanie said...

OMG i cant wait for fashion week!!!

Carmen Vogue said...

I love the boots as well as the editorial.