I know what Guys Like: Alexander McQueen for Puma

I haven’t done a men’s post in a while… sorry fellas but TODAY you can thank me.
Check out Alexander McQueen’s 2011 Spring/Summer men’s collection partnered up with Puma.  These high-top/Low-top sneakers are DOPE and also versatile...  Check out more over at Alexander McQueen/Puma (Click here)


The Latina Blogger said...

I like the black onesfor my baby!!!!!! Let me see what Santa can do for him...LMAO

lydeeloo said...

true, my boyfriend is such a sucker for any and all tennis shoes. love these gray ones. xoxo

Shannon said...

I really like those for men! I've been meaning to do a menswear post. Love these.


High Heels & Good Meals! said...

Well I may just have to get me some of those...for me. :) Thanks for all the blog and twitter love (Still can't figure this twitter ish out...)

Tammy said...

Thanks Ladies... A couple of guys (who check my blog but don't wanna comment) said that they don't like them at all. I am surprised at that but as one guy tweeted to me earlier/ he said: "people fall in love with the name/label & not the actual shoe" which is so TRUE #Labelwhores

@Mad Fashion (Latina Blogger) you are too crazy.. Luh you for that..

@High Heels- you're welcome.. Hey did you get my e-mail by the way?


Unknown said...

WOW...these are all awesome!!! wouldn't mind a pair for me!

<3 Marina

♛ FWB said...

Alexander Mcqueen still lives!!! YAS!

Kimberly, FWB