Bloggers Night Out at Lovey's Boutique


I had an opportunity to attend a FAB event on Saturday by Tionna Smalls (What Chilli Wants) who owns Lovey’s Boutique in Brooklyn, but I was unable to attend because I had to do it BIG for my sister sweet 16 party.   

 My girl Jacque over at "The Socialite Review" was able to attend this event for me and fill me in on the FAB accessories in the store, networking with other bloggers, the goodie bags and having the chance to meeting and interview Tionna, whom she actually went to school with. 

Jacque (The Socialite Review) rockin' that HOT pink bag @ Lovey's
 Lovey's fab accessories
 Bloggers @ Lovey's
 Tionna Smalls (white T-shirt & bloggers)

Head over to "The Socialite Review" to read more about Bloggers Night and don't forget to check out at Lovey’s boutique:
337 Brooklyn, NY 11221

Follow Tionna and her shop on Twitter @TionnaSmalls  or @ShopLoveys


Ashleigh Duncan said...

Haha! Awesome interview, that girl seems to down to earth.

Lovely shop, looks like it has a great atmosphere in there.


Unknown said...

:)) thats nice ...! im sure u had a great time..
take care
check out my latest post..hope u like it!

LA Lynn's said...

Happy Sweet 16 to your Sister!!!! OAN: Girrrl, I follow Tionna on twitter and she keeps it REAL! Love her boutique... I will have to visit whenever I'm in NY!

♛ FWB said...

Aww! I can't wait to attend a blogger event one day =[. PS: Soraya just moved to New York =]

- Kimberly

Tammy said...

@Kim- Yes.. I just found out shes over here.. We are suppose to do lunch one day