Blogger/Designer Spotlight: Unique28


Dammy Oshodi was Born in Brooklyn New York then moved to Florida at the age of 2. Since she was 5 she has been a figure skater competing in both ISI and USFSA and continues skating. She fell in love with fashion at the age of 15 when she bought her first sewing machine, since then fashion has been a part of her.

Dammy, a high school has dreams of becoming a neo natal doctor and worldwide known fashion designer. Her belief is "Better clothes give you confidence, confidence gives you a better you and a better you gives you anything you want." She thanks God for the blessings and opportunities he has given to her and also a great mother who pushed and influenced her to become something great.

    The purpose of creating Unique 28 was to find a new way of expressing the term dressing casual. Most t-shirts on the market for both men and women look the same, same font same images, it’s just boring. However Unique 28 wants to hit the fashion world hard with designs that have never been seen before most hand drawn and others digitally made so it’s guaranteed other companies cannot have the same type of designs. Wristbands were put into mind for those people with strong personalities that know they are truly unique in this world and are not afraid to express that with bold messages such as Beast, another name for cool and certified boss for those who are true leaders. Unique 28 also is a big fan of  finding cures for  pediatric cancers so the company has collaborated itself with the Pediatric Cancer Foundation, so in certain products purchased like the HOPE band or Hope  t-shirt , certain proceeding are given to this organization to help find a cure.

**Check out her site here (The Unique28)

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