Confessions of a TOP Model

10 facts about Eugena that you never knew:

1. Loves Chipotle Mexican Grill
2, Makes a mean Macaroni & Cheese

3. Hates talking on the phone
4. Read 7 books this past summer

5. Milk makes her gag
6. Enjoys grocery shopping

7. Has a white birth mark on her thigh
8. Worked at a Toyota dealership

9. Is deathly afraid of snakes
10. Was a highschool & a college cheerleader
*Spotted (here)


Carrymel said...

aww she's gorgeous! & enjoys grocery shopping like me! yay! lol

LV said...

She looks amazing! I love grocery shopping too!

Tammy said...

Am I the only one that doesn't like grocery shopping?!? :) (I do like chipotle though.

Mad For Fashion said...

She looks fabulous and so nice to see some of them continue in the right path!

Carmen Vogue said...

Your not the only one. I HATE grocery shopping.


Carmen Vogue

Unknown said...

She's stunning...and no girl you're not alone..Absolutely hate grocery thru for me please...LOL

<3 Marina

Evil Nelly said...

i love chipotle and my mac n cheese brings all the boys to the yard ;)

i hate grocery shopping too.


Tammy said...

LMBO.. @Evil Nelly- you are crazy..

So that's (3) for not liking grocery shopping?!. YOU GALS ROCK!

Ashleigh Duncan said...

I love ANTM blog posts, my favourite ANTM girl was Alison. I also loved Melrose from Eugena's season - even though all the other girls hated her!

The season finale of Eugena's cycle was also my favourite - when Caridee and Melrose dress up as crazy brides!

I love writing about ANTM, I wrote a post about my favourite ANTM girls a whilse ago and its my most viewed post :D


Tammy said...

@Ashleigh Duncan- Im'a have to check that out on your blog :)