Confessions of a T-Shirt Wh*re pt. 2

Tammy’s fun Facts: I love and collect different T-shirts. I wear different signature/ graphic T-shirt a day to represent who I am / just how I feel on that day. If you missed my other T-shirt confessions click here


LA Lynn's said...

There's NOTHING like having a FRESH TEE on to EXPRESS how you effin' FEEL!!!! TEE'S ROCK... :D

Carrymel said...

I want the shirts that say "all the bitches love me" and "I'm so blogging this"! yesssssss!

Audriana Garcia said...

I am such a t-shirt wh*re as well lol. I collect them along with sneakers so this post is making me want to go shopping lol

Miss Dre said...

Totally love the "music is my boyfriend" and "all the bitches love me" tee shirts! I am a certified tee shirt wh*re too lol. Nothing like a fresh tee, skin tight jeans, and pumps :-)

♛ FWB said...

Hey Tammy, beau.

Just a reminder, we are teaming up with Ms. Deja of (NBA) and hosting a relationship chat later tonight on the site. We hope to "hear" from you then. 8pm Eastern time. The chat will be located at the top of the homepage, where the music videos usally are.


Sojo ; FWB (

Tammy said...

@LA Lynn-Yeees, I so feel you
@Carrymel & Miss Dre- My "all my b*tches love me" tee gets me into so much trouble... and I love it!
@Sojo.. Great.. got it.. I invited a guy into this as well..


Full Figured Diva said...

Hey Diva! Just found your blog and I absolutely love it! Be sure to check me out @

R'ymonda said...

Great post. LOVE the Vogue tank and music is my boyfriend tee.

[life, fashion and everything in between]

Tammy said...

Thank you Rymonda..
@Full Figured Diva- thanks... will check it out

Unknown said...


Que The Lights
QTL Images

TheUnique28 said...

These t-shirts are cool, i love them