Stiletto... Pumps, in da club

Old friend & Video Vixen "Tahiry" celebrated her birthday last week in New York wearing a DOPE dress as well as these Killer Spiked Louboutin PUMPS (click here).

Check out what Tahiry tweeted about her new Louboutin's:

"The most hottest shoe in the game is the most painful shoe"

This makes me wonder why "we" females break our pockets to get us some "Red Bottoms" if they are not comfortable at all... trust me, they are not.. If you missed my article on the before on the obsessions with Christian Louboutin "Red Bottoms" (click here) because it is a "Must-read" where I go into details about why we 'want" these heels.
*BTW- look at them heels (5" or higher)


Anonymous said...

Great pumps ! Love them

Roxanne K. said...

These pumps are hot. I used to love Louboutins, bu I think their becoming devalued and plus I'm not into shos that cost a fortune and alot of pain! lol & I love pumps because most are comfortable to me..but 'red bottoms' are just for show now.