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I need a chance to vent/express a few things that have been going on. One thing about “Tammy” is that she is a very private person , a person that likes to keep things to herself but today is the day I let some things out.

iWork- I am a Site Director for New York’s public school’s.  Believe it or not my work schedule is almost 10 hrs a day maybe longer.  I am in my transitional stage where I am ready to finally make that move to look for another  job.  With graduation coming up and me FINALLY getting my Masters I feel that there is something out there better for me & I need to finally
follow my dreams.  

iConfess- I might be a “Career student” like Lin from "Girlfriends". Thinking long & hard I decided that I am not done with school. That’s right I enrolled back to school to get another Masters Degree.  I feel that in order to fully become successful & happy this is a step that I need to take. I am unhappy with my job & I don’t want to go back to teaching at all. I am looking to be a counselor or even move up to that Director position that I want so bad. So after graduation (Today) I will start summer classes to get another Masters in “Education leadership”. Hey, I only have to take only 24 credits since I had some credits from my last Masters. After this degree (the 3rd one), THIS WILL BE MY LAST ONE.

iLove?Keyshia Cole said it best “Love I thought you had my back this time but man I am wrong this time.
It's a thing called…LOVE
” . Nuff said, but can’t say that I am not disappointed.

My love…My passion- updating
Fendi Bag & a Bad Attitude is keeping me sane, trust me, if it wasn’t for my new blogger friends, comments, etc I don’t know what I would do. Fendi Bag is almost a year old & this was something to do when I couldn’t sleep at night . This year has been good to me as far as blogging b/c Fendi Bag has been blowing up (in a good way) & opened a lot of opportunities for me like meeting new people, reporting from events, parties, free shoes, swag bags, goodies, contributing for MissMean Shoe, writing for the Examiner Newspaper & now being a Fashion Writer for Joonbug Magazine.  Somehow Fashion/writing was a hidden love that I never knew I had & I am thankful for everything/one that has helped me. I sometimes don’t know what’s my career, my blogs/ magazines or my site Director job but I know one thing, I love every minute of everything that I do. I don’t know how I find time but as long as I get my job done I am good.

I'm done... I'm good, I just wanted to welcome you into my world
xoxo Tammy


Looms, Lids, and layers said...

Sometimes you just have to vent. It's always good to write things down... somehow it makes a big difference on how you persevere and move forward. I have three degrees also, including a doctorate. I am in my career, yet my other passion is fashion. I was enrolled in a master's program for fashion design but I had to let it go due to my career and marriage demands at the time, That being said, I am still happy with my life but want to get that additional passion factor going! I wish you luck and success in all of your endeavors. I feel I will always be a lifelong student because once you complete, there is more drive to finish all that you have dreamed of. So go for it! I'm rooting for you. Love, ask yourself, was it REAL LOVE?


Tammy said...

Thank you so much

I needed this and YES it is good to vent. I so forgot that prior to following your blog that we had so much in common (minus the marriage part for me). Thank you again, I needed that


Lydz xX said...

this is your space and you have permission to do what you like. Blogging ahs also been a life saver for me, Im not as transparent as what you have been which is very refershing but i get to be whoever i want to be and can show that to the world. I hope that in whatever you do you ultimately find pure happiness and get to the place where you wana be in everything
Lydz xX

Tammy said...

Thank you & BTW I found the tights/ Leggings :)


Shannon said...

Thank you so much for following me earlier. You're right, sometimes support from people (even those you may not know) helps you cope. You are very busy! But I wish you the best of luck and I'm enjoying your blog so far. Just followed :) I'm disappointed with love also...but good thing we're strong strong women and have our career goals, school, and blog to keep us sane!

Tammy said...

Hey Shannon,

That last sentence was perfect.. Yes we do!
Thanks for following again!


Ricci-loveherlook said...

This is cool :-)