Rachel Zoe is a Shoe Wh*re

Rachel Zoe is a Shoe Wh*re..

Well not exactly but check out Celebrity stylist & friend in my head Rachel Zoe's shoe area in her studio. Can we say siiiick?!

*Just a thought but I think that we as "Fashion Bloggers" need to come together & find a way to get something FREE from these designers & stylist that we feature.. You see I have a wild imagination, lol


Yani said...

dam thats crazy!!

Angela said...

i love all your post!

Tammy said...

@Angela.. Thank you!

Meagan said...

Love it! I wish I had that many pairs of shoes (and such great expensive pairs).

I think a lot of times you can get things free from designerss...IF you have a big enough following. Otherwise, it's like they don't think the cost of giving you the item is equal to the amount of advertising they're going to get, just like a traditional magazine or newspaper. I've definitely noticed that as my number of followers has increased the number of offers I get, has too!

Tammy said...

Yes I noticed that as well w/ my site as far as getting invited to events and featuring different items to my site.. I am having fun and enjoying everything.. Just waiting for some more shoe offers to come though :).

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