DIY: FishTail Braids


  1. Part your hair down the center. Beginning on the right side of your part at your forehead, twist a one-inch section of hair away from your face.
2. Use a comb to separate a 1/2-inch section right below the first section along your face and twist that piece away from your face, combining it with the first piece.
3. Continue adding 1/2-inch pieces along your hairline down to your neck. Use a clip or a bobby pin to hold the hair in place at the nape of your neck.
4. Repeat the twisting on the left side, starting at your forehead.
5. When you reach the nape of your neck, unclip the right side and hold both the left and right sides in two separate sections.
6. Pull a 1/2-inch section of hair from the right section and add it to the left section. Repeat with a piece from the left section, adding it to the right section.
7. Continue adding 1/2-inch pieces down to the ends and secure with an elastic.

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Natalie said...

I love this video! Thanks for sharing. - Nat

Unknown said...

This is such an amazing post girl...I'm so in love with braids right now...will def be using this tips.


Tammy said...

You're welcome.. I'm excited to do my own fishtail braid right now!!!

January Jones said...

yes ive been looking all over to try and learn this braid ! this is the braid of the summer !

now following your blog !

Like Mousse Au Chocolat said...

thanks for sharing miss

Tammy said...

You're welcome!