Confessions of an Accessory Wh*re: Pirate Romance

 Remember when I told you on Monday's post "Shoe & Tell with Mallory Musante" that I had the chance to meet some great people? well I did and one person in Particular was a DOPE designer Joi French who does it all. She has a HWAT accessory collection that is to die for (necklaces, rings, pendants, earrings & cuffs) that are very creative using some bold colors as well as studs and spikes (Assault with a deadly weapon). I am loving each piece and I know you will love them too.  Check out some of my favorite pieces below.

 *Since we are still craving some "Pirate Romance" Accessories let me share one piece that I saw at the "shoe & tell" and fell in love with. This earring is Siiick!
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♛ FWB said...

I LOVE that name "Shoe & Tell". NOW THAT, is bomb!!

And the last earring you featured : beautiful girl!

Kimberly, FWB

Tammy said...

Yes it is.. I want them earrings.. Thanks


♛ FWB said...

Oh, and we just linked you on our sidebar. =) Woot.

Miss. Nik said...

I am loving the spikes and hardware that I am seeing in alot of the fashion for this Summer. Thanks for stopping by :-) u have a good weekend

Lucy said...

verry good blog i love it

Tammy said...

@Ms. Nik- Sorry i'm late but I hope you had a great weekend as well

@Lucy- Thank You!