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TYRA MAIL: Happy Friday Fashionista(o)’s. Even though you cannot tell but I’ve been super busy with work, Graduation coming up and the other magazines that I write for BUT I still find time to update Fendi Bag when I can. 
I admire all of my followers that follow me & comment b/c you all inspire me BUT if you are going to take a post of mine & words PLEASE.. PLEASE credit that person, link that person, etc.  This is our passion, job & hobby and we place so much into out craft and love for fashion.
Thank you & have a GREAt weekend/ Happy Mother’s day to all of the stylish blogger mom’s as well~ Tammy

*P.S- Don’t worry about the (D. Blanks)picture.. I just needed an excuse  to use it.. lol


Shelbs said...

I like the blog especially that you put music on here. It makes you want to stay on the page and jam out haha but I also like your pics on the side bar. Thats creative! My only suggestion would be to put your followers at the top of your blog, so it will make it easier for other people to notice, so they follow you. Other than that everything looks good! Also like the background!

best of luck!

Lydz xX said...

mentions are great, you worked hard for your blog so all credit should be given to you if its yours. good luck with everything
Lydz xX

Tammy said...

Thank you Shelbs.. I will look into that.

@lydzxX- You are right & thanks!


Looms, lids, and layers said...

Congrats on upcoming graduation! Keep your head up! Great title too! Wish we could hear the details...... But that's unprofessional.... I know! Take care

Tammy said...

@Looms- Heeey Lady & Thanks!
**You do have my email :) (hmmm)