Drink of the Day: Jamba Juice

It is 74 degrees today in NYC so you know what that means?? The tables will be down at Blockheads (So we can eat outside), I am going to wear my open- toe pumps and this (Jamba Juice) will be all that I will be drinking today... well until night time because it is "Girls Night Out" and I am sure that I will be "Slush Life Ent." jumping on someones couch.. What is your favorite Jamba Juice Flavor??


Lydz xX said...

it looks suspiciously yummy :) what it is?
njoy the night

Lydz xX

Tammy said...

Hey.. sorry I just saw this. Jamba Juice is a smoothie with healthy fruits and or vegetables that you can get.. It is really good


Kelly said...

I lovveee jamba juice. Mango anything and I'm sold!

Tammy said...

Yes.. The Mango is GREAT!