Back in the Day- 80s Fashion

I miss the 80s & 90s. Back in the day we had no care in the world when it came to fashion. I remember growing up I was so into fashion mixing colors, prints together, going into my mothers closet trying on her open toe shoes and swinging around her Louis Vuitton purse every chance I had. Those were the days when: "Cross Colours, Bamboo Earrings, Leggings, Daisy Dukes and air brushed Levis or Guess jeans were in. Some of the 90’s fashion is back but it is not the same so today for all of my 80’s babies followers let's take a look back at when fashion ruled the world.
Acid wash Jeans.. No skinny jeans either. Take a look at today Acid wash jeans here
Bold colors and prints matched together. Having no care in the world as long as we look GOOD
Colorful Reebok's. Back in the day growing up in the BX (Bronx) we had every color sneaker. We would even rock different colors to school on each foot. We wasn't concerned with shoes like I am right now.. It's funny because I owned every sneaker in the world and would frown when my mother wanted to go shoe shopping.. NOW I have so many shoes and NO sneakers :)
The late 80's home of the Boom Box, Duffel Bag, Lycra Leggings, Jean Jackets, Tutu's, Leg Warmers & everything was sprayed painted. Did I miss anything??
Remember what LL Cool J said about them Bamboo Earrings? "I want a girl with extensions in her hair, BAMBOO EARRINGS AT LEAST TWO PAIRS, A Fendi Bag & A Bad Attitude"
If you did not own one of these, you were not allow to hang with me, lol. I had at least (4) different colorful track suits back in my day
Of course these are back now & popular more now then when it first came out back in the day. What I wouldn't do to get my hands on a pair when I was younger but of course my mother would say "NO". Please believe when American Apparel opened up I was in there racking up on every color showing off to my mother saying "Look at me Now
I'm ashamed to say that I WAS a Scrunchie Queen. Now I would not be caught dead wearing one. Remember that episode of Sex and The City where Carrie & Berger argued over the use of a scrunchie in his book? Carrie's exact words after that was "She's not from New York" lol.
These just might be the only shoes that I was caught dead in back in the day if I wasn't rocking my sneakers. Who didn't have a pair of jellies.. I had every color
Airbrushed daisy dukes or cut-off shorts.. Illegal in my household back in the day but I still would sneak away wearing a pair
Body Suits.. Denim body suits at that... NUFF SAID!


Natalie said...

Amazing post. You took me WAYYY back!! I'm turning 32 so I def remember the 80's. I still love door knockers, 5411's, and some of the bright colors. It's crazy to see it coming back!


Tammy said...

Thank you..

I had to do it.. I was feeling like I want to run back to them days (WHEN I WAS YOUNG)


Looms, Lids, and layers said...

Bring it chic! I love this post! Flashback to the Reeboks!!