Tammy's 12-play

It is 2am and I am doing what I do best... Listening to Tyrese's Pandora station feeling some kind of way while I type my Thesis.  It's funny how the sexual slow jamz can put me at ease to type my paper so I decided to list some of my favorite songs that is appropriate only for AFTER DARK.  #Thankmelater

  1. Robin Thicke- Sex Therapy
  2. 702- Places
  3. Avant- Read your mind
  4. Danity Kane- Ecstasy
  5. Day 26-Babymaker
  6. Floetry- Say Yes
  7. Janet Jackson- Would you mind
  8. Chris Brown- Take you down
  9. R. Kelly- Naked
  10. Neyo- Mirror
  11. Omarian- Wet
  12. TLC- Red light special
*I am going to do a "Tammy's 12 play/ Talking diirty after dark post every week. If you have a song to share feel free & hit me up or leave a comment... Mwah!

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