Drink of the Day: Pink Sugar (X-Rated)

One day I made a drink at home  for GNO (Girls Night Out) using X-Rated Liqueur, which I called Pink Sugar. I don't know what I put in that drink mixed with X-Rated but I do know that is was GOOD.  X-Rated is a sensuous blend of ultra-premium french Vodka and rich blood oranges mingling with mango's and passion fruit. Sucks that I can't find this exotic liqueur anymore.


Anonymous said...

I used to drink this and I loved it. But I don't see it anymore either, I wonder what happened to it?

Tammy said...

I heard that X-rated was back on the market now (but in selected areas). They just hosted a party last week for Gabrielle Union so I know we will get some on our shelves soon :)