December 3rd

The next two weeks are going to be the most challenging weeks for me.  I am in my final process of finishing up my Masters, completing my Practicum hours and finishing up my Thesis paper, which is over 200 pages.  Along with that I still have my job where I travel to different schools to conduct my cases, which can be very stressful.

I've been saying for the longest to EVERYONE that December 3rd is my last class till graduation in May.  Every time I talk to someone Dec 3rd comes up one way of another until last night I looked at my calender and saw that I am not finished with school/ hand in my last paper on Dec 3rd,  I hand it in on Dec 8th.  You know when there is a date that is stuck in your head that you have no idea what that date represents?? Well last night it came to me Dec 3rd represents,  It represents the day I realized that I was going to loose my Grandmother, the day that I had to accept that she was dying.  I was in denial about how sick my Grandmother was that I did not want to accept the fact that she was going to die.

My grandmother was the person that I was so close to and to her I was her little girl.  December 3rd was the day that I had to face my fears and accept what was next to come, which was death.  The next day, less then 8hrs from me accepting how ill my Grandmother was my Grandmother "Martha Darling Mitchell" passed away while I was by her side.  It took me a long time to accept that she is no longer with me and right now it hurts to type this but I know that she is looking at me happy that her little pumpkin is following her dreams and is one week away from finishing up her Masters.

I remember that Dec 3rd was the day that made we realize that I was loosing my best friend, Dec 4th was the day I lost my best friend and now Dec 8th, is the day i made my Grandmother happy and I completed my Masters program..................Stay tuned

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