iRock Moschino Belts

I am having a flash back to my high school days from when I use to Rock these Moschino belts. Every Saturday me and my homegirl Monica would go shopping for something fly and end up buying Moschino belts in different colors. My favorite was the red one because back in the day red was my favorite color. I am in search of my old belt(s) or even willing to drop some change on the old school Moschino belt because they are still HAUTE.    #90'sSh*t

 "My Moscino h*e, my Versace hottie/Come to find out, you was f*ck*n everybody"


Jane Alisa said...

I adore those Moschino belts, great blog. xoxo

Hollie said...

i think the moschino belts are cool

Tammy said...

Thank you!


Takeya said...

Omg , I so used to wear those belts back in the day. wear did you find that sequin butterfly top. I so need it

caramellitsa said...

very nice post!!
love this belt!!

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Tammy said...

Thank you.. Will check out your site