iRock Colors: MAC wh*re Lipstick

So since Amber Rose was seen last week rock'n this season HOTTEST color lipstick (Blue) everyone is doing it now. To really set the record straight Keyshia Dior (video Vixen and Stylist from Miami) was the first one to start rocking bold colors such as white, yellow, blue and even black lipstick to name a few.

Not everyone can pull off this bold look but the best thing to do to see if you got the look is to go to MAC (my favorite) and try on different shades to see how they look on you.

Since fashion week I was told that bold and bright colors are back (even in the fall/winter) so please believe that everyone will be rocking these colorful lips. I know I am.. It's all about Purplekisses for me.  #Mwah

Keyshia Dior in White

Amber Rose in Blue


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