Up Next: K-Bunz

K-Bunz is an artist from the Fenkell area of Detroit, MI who started writing and recording at a very young age. He first gained momentum with the release of his street single "Quit Pumpfakin" in early 2008. The song generated over 25k in listens all over the Internet. He began to perform around the state and built a pretty decent name for himself, so If you're a strong follower of Detroit Music or a fan of the Fab 5 ENT/USR movement then you're most definitely familiar with K-Bunz. Bunz has begun his own saga by recently releasing his (warm-up) project entitled "One Way In, No Way Out" presented by TheHipHopUpdate, which features him displaying his lyrical ability over many well known industry tracks. He manages delivers clever and witty punchlines while still maintaining an aggressive hold on thought provoking content. The project leads into his next original releases entitled "5 Miles To The City Limits" (Official EP) and the album "City Life".


Anonymous said...

Ok. That's what's up (new music). Hit me up on my e-mail about that other artist you featured before. I need his contact info. This is Scoop

Tammy said...

Will do.. Im sending the e-mail out right now!