The Soundtrack of my Life: Ambitious Girl

Check out this spoken word poetry from Wale. While I do admit, Wale is a dope artist who always paints a picture with his words I cannot fully agree with some of the words that he says on this track.  The reason why is because we have so many black successful females out here doing their thing and yet we they are still single. why is that? why is it so hard for a female, who is in school, has a career, own place, car, etc to still be single? maybe it is the fact that may men do not want an "Ambitious Girl".

For example two years ago I was in a relationship with a guy who I truly loved. To make a long story short it didn't work out because he said "I had to much going on for myself". Now these words can be positive or negative because if you are saying that me going back to school to get my Master's my career, no kids and ready to move up the ladder is "too much going on" then you do not want an ambitious girl.

Maybe it's me or the losers that I date but I know for sure that may men do not want one.  Here is another example, Slim Thug, remember his post "Black Women Need To Stand By Their Man More" on Vibe Magazine he made towards black women?  I see a double standard here. Maybe it is me but this is my damn blog so I can say whatever I feel.

I'm just saying, I feel that some men say they want this and they want that but in reality they sometimes cannot handle "An Ambitious Girl". 

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"I like the person you are but I'm in love with the person you have potential to be"-Wale

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