Tammy's Confessions- I ♥ Guys with Tattoos


Hi my name is Tammy and I like guys with tattoos. I became infatuated with tattooed guys when I first laid eyes on Allen Iverson in 01' around that time he played for the Philadelphia 76’ers and I though he was so fine. When I meet a guy the first thing that I ask is: “How many tattoos do you have? I’m sorry but in order for you to get with me you have to have a total of seven tattoos or more. Check after the cut a few tatt’d up guys with that Could. Get. It.

Travis McCoy could get it! The front man from Gym Class Hero's has over (30) tattoos, he can sing and rap. Screw Drake, this is the only light-skin guy that I would invest in (I kid, I kid).
"Sorry I only like boys with Tattoos"~ Tammy

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