Shot's fired.....Drake doesn't like Lil Kim talking sh*t about Nicki Minaj


I interrupt your weekend to bring to you celebrity DRAMA. So Drake made it publicly clear during Nicki Minaj’s concert in Connecticut last night that she was the baddest b*tch woman and he didn’t care what Lil Kim had to say about Ms. Minaj. For all of ya’ll that is clueless as to what is going on a couple of days ago Lil Kim fired some shot at Nicki Minaj saying that she was copying her whole style and she didn’t like it….. DRAMA.

“I know you be calling women b*tches in sh*t but I can’t say you the baddest b*tch. I can’t do that because I respect you, I love you too much and you look too beautiful. So I just wanna say you the baddest WOMAN to do this rap sh*t. I don’t give a f*ck what Lil’ Kim” –Drake

**So I guess my Post before on Nicki Minaj paying homage to Lil Kim goes right out the window.

(spotted at Necole Bitchie)

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